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About SJT

Sweet Jamaican Things is in its formative stages and is essentially a one man band, for now.
The dream, however, is for SJT to keep growing from strength to strength.


Sweet Jamaican Things was cooked up in 2009 but the seeds were planted years ago in the
kitchen of my childhood home in Jamaica. Like many Jamaican kids, I had to help out in the
kitchen. I gradually learned the basics from watching and helping my mother and I developed a
love for cooking that has remained with me ever since. That’s part of her legacy to me.


This love of cooking was later blended with a desire to introduce Jamaica’s rich culinary
heritage, particularly the pastry side of our cuisine, first to Japanese people then to the
world. To that end I decided to turn what has always been a hobby into something that’s a bit
more than that.


So, Sweet Jamaican Things’ mission is this:


“To provide the finest quality, authentic products to our customers, in good time, at a
reasonable price.”


So, weh yuh seh? Come in come check it out!