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How yuh duh? A warm Jamaican Welcome to Sweet Jamaican Things!

Looking for authentic, traditional Jamaican pastry and baked items? You’ve come to the right
place! From all time favorites like Sweet Potato Pudding and Cornmeal Pudding to Seasonal
offerings like Jamaican Christmas (Fruit) Cake and Jamaican-style Easter Buns, to newer
offerings like Pineapple-Carrot Cake, we’re here to supply your every need for the best
Jamaican goodies anywhere. Check out our list of products and submit your order using the
Order Now form. We promise you great flavors and prompt, considerate service.

We’re constantly adding to our list of offerings, so do check back often. We’re here to
meet your needs and if you want to make a special order, or if there’s anything you don’t see
that you might want, - or even if you just want to say ‘hi’- , do drop us a line! And do tell
your friends about us. We’ll be happy to assist them, too. And, as always, you can check us
out on Facebook.

Your orders will either be delivered personally, or by cool takyubin courtesy of Kuro Neko.
Get your order in today!

Thanks for stopping by and do drop in again,soon!